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Country wedding
Environmental Commitment

Harper & Grace Design are committed to minimising the impact that our business has on the environment. While we are by no means perfect we are striving to do the best we can by the world we live in.

What we're doing 

  • Using kraft paper to wrap bouquets 

  • Twine to tie flowers up 

  • Biodegradable flower bags 

  • Eco floral tape

  • Eco floral foam - we are working towards being foam free

  • Eco cleaning products 

  • Biodegradable bin liners 

  • Environmentally friendly candles 

  • Recycling rubber bands

  • We travel far and wide for our events, so we're offsetting our carbon footprint with Ecologi.

What we're working towards

  • Recycling the soft plastic many of the flowers we purchase come in 

  • Donating leftover flowers from events - We currently send many of the arrangements home with guests for them to enjoy after the event is over 


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